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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Projects in Foundation Framework-Learn By Building 10 Apps

Projects in Foundation Framework-Learn By Building 10 Apps

About Projects in Foundation Framework-Learn By Building 10 Apps Course

In today’s tech driven world, simply having a website is not going to cut it any longer. Your website needs to be fast, responsive and engaging.

This is where Foundation Framework comes in – it is currently labelled as the world’s most advanced responsive front-end framework. Created by ZURB as a means to develop faster and better front-end code, the current open-source project has grown to become one of the most preferred networks.

Foundation provides a responsive grid and HTML and CSS UI components, templates, and code snippets, including typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. The best part about Framework is that it can seamlessly work on any device and any medium.

Make a quantum leap by learning Foundation from scratch with the world’s most advanced course on the matter. Designed by experts, this course has everything you require to learn the Foundation framework. The comprehensive course starts by reviewing the Zurb Foundation Framework and the open-source tool chain for creating responsive websites and goes on to break down complex concepts to help you grasp them quickly. With this foundation web development tutorial, you’ll be churning out websites and apps in no time.

In addition to theoretical lessons, the course will give you all the hands-on experience by helping you build 10 fully-functional projects that will teach you every nook and cranny of Foundation.

The course will cover:

Project 1 – Business Website: A detail discussion on navbar and Grid system
Project 2 – Photographer Image Gallery: Learn the use of orbit slider, gallery pages and contact modal
Project 3 – Project Management UI: Advance foundation concepts, form design and environment setup
Project 4 – Mobile Application: Introduction to mobile app development concepts and foundation APIS.
Project 5 – Hosting Template: Learn advance CSS design and HTML markup with foundation
Project 6 – Fitness website: Learn Professional app development practices using Foundation
Project 7 – Ecommerce Theme: Build a real world app that you can monetize
Project 8 – Foundation WordPress Theme: Learn to combine Wordpress and Foundation in this awesome project
Project 9 – Restaurant Website: Learn to use slick Slider and lightbox
Project 10 – Tech News Website: Final project covering Mixture, templates and includes

The online tutorial is the easiest way to learn Foundation, all of its underlying philosophy and to kick off your development career. So, what are you waiting for enroll now to become a Foundation framework master.


  • Foundation Framework
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web Development


  • Master Foundation Concepts
  • Use Foundation to build responsive UI
  • Migrate current projects to Foundation
  • Build websites using Foundation and SASS

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