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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Projects in MongoDB - Learn MongoDB Building Projects

Projects in MongoDB - Learn MongoDB Building Projects

About Projects in MongoDB - Learn MongoDB Building Projects Course

Do you want to learn a simple, but powerful database software? A database that is free and easily
solves the problem of indexing, storing and load balancing, all in one. This is where MongoDB comes in.

MongoDB is a powerful and open-source, cross-platform database program. It is classified as a NoSQL database, and stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, known as BSON. This results in MongoDB being able to run on a small RAM and is comparatively faster than a lot of DBMS out there. MongoDB is extremely flexible and is a great database for companies that consider scaling.

Because of its high-end features, many companies such as MTV, Craigslist, eBay and Foursquare have adopted the system as its backend software. Well, you don’t have to be far behind anymore.

In this structured tutorial, you will learn how to start working with MongoDB, including the ins and outs of the database system. You will learn how MongoDB can benefit you and how you can incorporate it in your business.

That’s not all, our course combines the power of theory as well as practical all under one roof. In addition to brushing up on the syntax and features of MongoDB, you will also learn other technologies and languages while learning how to actually use MongoDB in practical applications.

Some brilliant features of MongoDB are:
Document-oriented – MongoDB can store the business subject in the least amount of documents
Ad hoc queries – Supports ad hoc queries by field, range and regular expressions
Indexing – any field in a document can be indexed, with availability of secondary indices
Replication – provides high availability with replica sets, both of which can work as primary or secondary replica set
File storage – can be used as a file storage system
Server-side JavaScript execution – allows JavaScript to be used in queries, aggregation functions and can also be sent directly to the database for execution
Capped collections – supports fixed-size collections called capped collections

Other technologies that you will learn in this course include: JSON/BSON, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS, Express, Angular, Meteor, MEAN Stack, Ruby on Rails, and so much more. You will build 12 different projects from scratch to get hands on experience with this brilliant database technology.

So, with so much packed in this course, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your hands dirty with MongoDB.


  • MongoDB
  • MEAN
  • Javascript, JQuery


  • Build Web Solutions using MongoDB
  • Learn to harness full power of document oriented schema
  • Use server side javascript with mongoDB
  • Learn best practices for NoSQL development


  • English
  • Over 66 lectures and 11.5 hours of content!• Build Web Solutions using MongoDB• Learn to harness full power of document oriented schema• Use server side javascript with mongoDB• Learn best practices for NoSQL development
  • Student who want to get in depth and real world expertise in MongoDB will find the course extremely useful
  • Student should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and NoSQL schema

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