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Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Complete Web Development Tutorial Using React and Redux

The Complete Web Development Tutorial Using React and Redux

About The Complete Web Development Tutorial Using React and Redux Course

Time is an important factor when it comes to technology; everything needs to quick and fast. The need for apps that can be built faster and better has become the core crux of almost all developers.

This need has brought into existence technologies such as ReactJS and Redux. Let’s get to know these are little better. These two separate technologies work well together, resulting in simplifying the process of building apps, which perform faster and better than ever.

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that performs the function of view in the MVC and allows rendering components that have additional components specified as custom HTML tags. Using JSX (a JavaScript syntax extension), it makes the coding more readable and similar to writing HTML.

On the other hand, Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. This allows developers to write apps that do not change based on the environment they are run in, allowing them to run consistently on all environments. It works by storing the whole app in an object tree inside a single store. In case a change is made and an action is emitted, the state will not change rather a new object will be returned. The developer will write a special function, known as the reducer, which determines how every action created will transform the entire application’s state. This makes the app easier to code, run and even test.

The combination of React and Redux results in developing apps that are faster to write, faster to execute and faster to run.

Do you want to get in on this amazing technology? Well then here’s your chance. Learn React JS and Redux from scratch in this comprehensive course. From the basics of what is React and Redux, you will understand how to install the environment, how to code using both, and finally creating an application from scratch.

This React and Redux course has been created to cover not only the individual technology and its features, but also to help you learn step by step how you can combine and use both technologies to create brilliant apps.

In this course, you will learn:

What is React and Redux

A brief introduction to JSX, the JavaScript extension

A detailed breakdown of React and its core features including state & nested components, methods and PropTypes & Validation

A detailed breakdown of Redux and its core features including state, store and reducers

How to install and work with Webpack

How to fetch data from an API

Using React and Redux together to create a WeatherCheck Application

Enroll now and learn how to create faster and better apps by mastering React & Redux.


  • Web Development
  • React
  • Redux
  • JSX


  • Master concepts behind Redux, Reactq and JSX
  • Learn to build apps using React and redux
  • Understand the concepts behind state containers
  • Create full fledged project along with the course


  • Students should have good understanding of JavaScript before starting the course

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