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Monday, October 14, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Self-hypnosis & Meditation for a Life-Change (Beginner's)

[Udemy 100% Free]-Self-hypnosis & Meditation for a Life-Change (Beginner's)


This is NOT your ordinary meditation course

This course takes you further than usual meditation courses or self-hypnosis books because
you will get the first-hand experience of working with your subconscious.

DO NOT subscribe if you
- just want a few short techniques, but you don't want to change anything about yourself
- you feel you are too advanced for a beginner's course
- are not really interested
- are not open 
- think "Let's get to the hypnosis part quick" without wanting to understand why and how you should use it for achieving a lasting change
- you have very narrow and strict expectations of how things should be and it makes you frustrated if things turn out to be different (the subconscious often goes against our expectations, so openness is an absolute prerequisite)
- want instant solutions without investing the time and effort
- are not committed to making a positive change in your thinking
- don't want to know what to use meditation techniques for
- don't want to get a broader view of the spiritual laws
- prefer to blame others instead of being ready for a change
- only want to scratch the surface
- don't want to learn or use gratefulness to propel your success in life
- are not ready for a NOT classic course

Super Important:

Don't come for a one-click / 1-minute solution. I'm serious.
I'm not here to participate in a "Let's collect the most subscribers" contest.

There are plenty of people who offer super fast and super easy solutions for your life; from how you can get rich in 14-days to how to become enlightened in 5 easy steps.

If you like to think that life is as simple as that, then this course won't help you.

This course is about changing ourselves and thus changing our lives, working on our limiting beliefs, setting smart goals, taking responsibility to get the control back from our negative subconscious programming.
It requires work. 
It requires commitment. 
It requires taking the responsibility.
It is not a lightning fast method, but a sure one to start living the life that you were born to live.
You get this for free, but it does not mean it is not very valuable information.
So only subscribe if you are ready to do meaningful work on yourself.

Included in the course are:

Guided meditations (mp3 and video about 30-40 minutes each):
1. Fork in the road - Visualizing your future alternatives
2. Finding your objective
3. Self-hypnosis for Deeper Trance
4. Meeting with Your Real-Self

+ 4 Bonus Success Training Guided meditations (about 15 minutes each):
        1. Attract Success And Abundance Training*Part1* What do you want to feel?
        2. Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 2* Powerful visualizations of Success for the Next 12 Months
        3. Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 3* Attracting Abundance with the Magic of Gratitude
        4. Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 4* Ideas of Abundance

So, what you get:

  • Several hours of video training
  • A BONUS Success Training with Self-hypnosis
  • Downloadable meditation audios you can take with you
  • An exercise book in pdf
  • Simply hearing about these things is nothing but a pile of
  • information for you, but I want that my students to EXPERIENCE the
  • things they learn about. This is what turns information into KNOWLEDGE.
  • That’s why I’m including practical, self-hypnosis exercises in my
  • material. I think it is very important that you LIVE WHAT YOU LEARN, and
  • not just passively listen to it. This creates deeper understanding,
  • knowledge, and awareness. And that is already the first step towards
  • turning tedious everyday life into a miraculous creation.

I will guide you step-by-step through the phases of

Taking RESPONSIBILITY for your life not just intellectually, but deep from your heart. (If you are already aware of your responsibility, it’s wonderful. The material helps you gain a further insight into the process of how you create your reality and to map out if there are parts left, where you don’t take full responsibility.)
As a next step I’ll help you to make the DECISION intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, whether to make a fundamental change or not and what does this imply
Step 3. I will help you to set the right OBJECTIVES.
Then you will learn the SKILLS you need to boost your power to act
This is a lot to do, but take the toddler-approach to learning:
just think of the enthusiasm and fun they have learning to walk, even
though at that phase it’s a HUGE accomplishment! And they do it

As a transforming hypnotist, I live what I teach. 

Hypnosis has literally changed my life and me at my very core and if there was
something worth learning, then it was to understand my subconscious,
learn to communicate and cooperate with it. It was a wonderful gift!!! 

And I want to share it with you! 

What inspires me to do these courses is to help people, like you learn the skills, which enable them
to use their inner power, wisdom, and motivation.

I help them to connect with their inner self, to become spiritually independent so
that they no longer need gurus or constant assistance and guidance. All
they need is within themselves. All they need is to learn to access it.

What do you need?
You need an open mind and readiness to change and a desire to experience your potential.

What will you learn?
understand how to change your life in positive, beneficial ways
how to attract success and abundance
take responsibility for your current situation and make a decision for your future
set smart and motivating objectives
understand the basics of the skills you need to boost your actions
connect to your Real, Higher Self
improve your awareness
understand the trance state through which you have access to your subconscious
connect to your subconscious mind
understand the basic principles of how the subconscious mind works
understand the broader aspects of self-hypnosis
use suggestions properly and effectively

Is this course for you?
This course is for you if 
you want to improve your life.
want to unfold your potential
if you feel that there is more to you
you have a strong desire for better
you want and are ready to experience inner freedom
you want to get rid of limiting thoughts, ideas, emotions
you feel you should do something with your life, but you DON’T KNOW HOW
or you know how to do it, but you feel you CAN’T
you tried to change your life, but some fundamental things still STAYED THE SAME
you feel that you’re NOT ON THE RIGHT TRACK or simply STUCK IN YOUR LIFE
you feel that your personal development progresses TOO SLOWLY and you are looking for that missing piece that would help you BOOST YOUR DEVELOPMENT

So I encourage you to enroll and make this course, but I encourage you even more to start this journey!

I will be there to help and provide you support on your way and I hope that there comes the day when you will no longer need my help. Instead you will be help and inspiration to others! 

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