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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Your English Speaking and Listening daily Routine by AnnaV

[Udemy 100% Free]-Your English Speaking and Listening daily Routine by AnnaV

Why should you choose my course:

My talent is to know the exact needs of my students, define their student profile and select the appropriate resources for each case. This allows me to create a strategy and a learning routine that will help my students get the most out of the classes in a short amount of time.

As a career, I studied the learning strategies of foreign languages ​​and worked as a language teacher for 25 years in a face to face mode. I know the needs of the students in depth, as well as the difficulties that create barriers between them and their rapid and satisfactory progress, as well as the steps that can turn a problem into an opportunity. My professional experience allows me to group and classify these needs, link the difficulties related to each need and offer the strategies that work best in the vast majority of cases. For this reason, I have decided to address a single topic in each course (a lack, a need or a problem that students have) instead of offering a general course about the English  language. I’ve selected the topics that are of great interest because they cover the real shortcomings that exist so that each student is able to choose the class that will most suit and help him/her.

How it works and why it works

I have created a new concept of video classes, that works in depth on a specific topic since I’ve noticed that many times students have a good academic knowledge, but they are not able to use this knowledge when speaking. To understand it better imagine a great wardrobe (your head) with a lot of clothes (knowledge acquired previously) and you in front of this closet, looking at it and without knowing what to choose. Ignorance can lead to undesirable situations, such as throwing away a dress that suits you, going to the theatre in a tracksuit or practicing sports in pijamas. This is because we spend a lot of time shopping for new clothes (= doing the theoretical classes) and we dedicate little or no time to understand, assimilate, practice and bring to automatism what we have learned. The concept of my video classes is based on a quick review of academic subjects related to the practical part (Section 2) and a deep practice of the subject in question (Section 1). I will teach you some of the best learning strategies for each specific need that will allow me to create original exercises,which are fun and with great final results. This system is highly supported by my students, and it works because I know how to explain concepts in an easy to understand way and I am very demanding (and sweet at the same time) when training my students. I have adapted my personal method for video courses to help more people achieve their dreams when it comes to learning a language.

Who’s this course is for?

  • Spanish Speakers who have been studying English for years with no results (eternal intermediate level students)
  • Spanish Speakers in need to use English Language at work
  • Spanish Speakers in need to attend meetings and conference calls  in English
  • Spanish Speaking IT personnel in need to implant different work systems abroad
  • Spanish Speakers working at multinational companies where the vehicular language is English
  • Spanish Speakers who get blank and struggle to speak in English with people who have better English knowledge than they.
  • Spanish Speakers in need to stop translating in their heads and expand their vocabulary

How will you feel by the end of the course?

You will feel a huge satisfaction and tranquility when noticing that it is you the one that controls the situation and hence secures your own success.

You will notice huge progress in the quality of your spoken English and its pronunciation (when applied explanations provided in this course)

You will feel more creative and capable of thinking out of the box.

What will you learn by the end of the course?

Section 1 : You will perfectly understand how the routine works and the benefits it can bring you.

Section 2 : You will learn about the pronunciation of words  while expanding your vocabulary at the same time.

You will learn how to get rid of your mother tongue’s influence and hence acquire an English  Language melody, rhythm, and intonation when speaking.

You will learn easy, fun and powerful “How to be Fluent and Sound like a Native” strategies when listening  and speaking in English.

You will learn how to asses yourself  and how to get an outstanding final result.

How will this course help your professional and personal lives?

Giving an elegant and complete personal introduction will allow you to feel really confident:

It gives you the perfect opportunity to broaden your social circle. Speaking another language will give you a huge advantage when it comes to making new friends and contacts.

Taking  your speaking and listening skills to another level will allow you

to improve your employment opportunities and develop your vocabulary and fluency skills.

Creating and Practicing  Speaking and Listening skills will allow you to get multiple benefits:

✔︎get personal and professional success
✔︎help with career advancement
✔︎boost confidence
✔︎build critical thinking skills
✔︎improve communication skills
✔︎make new social connections
✔︎expand your professional network
✔︎build leadership skills
✔︎learn performance skills
✔︎no fear of impromptu speaking
✔︎get personal satisfaction

It allows you to learn something new, useful and different.

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