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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Webinar Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint

Webinar Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint

About Webinar Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint Course

Are you selling online with Webinars? Surely the answer is Yes!!! They are one of the most effective ways to sell on line.

But what if you build it and nobody comes? What if your webinar attendance is low?

As sales are a % of attendance - the more people who turn up the more sales you will make.

So what are you doing wrong? What are you doing wrong even if you have a great webinar?

The answer is all in the SALES FUNNEL - its not the webinar - its how you sell it and how you follow it up!

  • Digital Marketing
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Why Webinars can transform your business
  • How to create the Essential Components of your Webinar
  • How to set up your email Platform


  • A basic familiarity with either Keynote (Macs) or Powerpoint (PC) will help but is not essential as we are not doing anything very complicated in either programme
  • Access to Presentation Software, a reasonable quality microphone will be helpful.

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