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Monday, November 18, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Productized: How to Build a 7-Figure Web Design Business

[Udemy 100% Free]-Productized: How to Build a 7-Figure Web Design Business

The title of this course isn’t click bait.

I actually built a web design business, grew and scaled it, then sold it for 7 figures 3 years later. And there’s a formula to how it can be done that I want to show you.

This course contains everything that I learned over the course of those 3 years, AND the 2 years before that, when I was a struggling freelancer. Believe me, building a business that can operate and grow without you is far better and gives you far more freedom than being a freelancer!
Who is this course for?

If this is you, you should take this course:
You want to build a web design business, not just freelance
You want your business to be able to run without you so that you can earn passive income
You want the freedom that SHOULD come with being an entrepreneur, but doesn’t for so many
Or if either of these describe you, this course is for you:
you’re already a web designer, but you haven’t been able to grow and scale your business
you’re just starting out and you want to do things the right way the first time (I didn’t, but with this you will)
Get the 30-Day Plan to Launch Your Successful Business
The cornerstone of this course is a rigorous 30-day plan that will guide you through:
How to find a profitable niche
How to position yourself using your market’s psychological profile
How to leverage pricing as a marketing tool
How to get your first clients without a portfolio
How to close deals by overcoming objections
How to craft winning proposals
How to build recurring revenue by charging monthly
How to build authority with a smart content strategy
How to build an email list and then convert subscribers into customers
How to create a feedback loop that generates referrals
How to craft cold emails to supplement your pipeline
How to maximize profit and remove yourself from the business by productizing your offerings
In short, you’ll learn everything that I’ve done to build a million-dollar web design business.
Get Access to the Productized Web Design Business Vault

And to help you out, you’ll get access to the Productized Vault, with a wealth of over 15 actionable worksheets, templates, and more including:

  • Anatomy of an Email Campaign
  • Cold Email Series Example
  • Productized Web Design Package Process
  • High Value Market Finder
  • Pricing and Revenue Goals Worksheet
  • Sample Proposal
  • And many more

If you’re motivated to take action, build your web design business, and succeed, click the “Take This Course” button and I’ll see you inside!

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