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Thursday, November 7, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Manage and run projects in Thailand

[Udemy 100% Off]-Manage and run projects in Thailand


In this course you will learn about Thai working culture, people and specific project related topics you must know before starting with a new team and environment.

This course is especially oriented to project managers, but also other professionals find its content useful. First part is general about Thailand: what you can expect, what kind of culture and how you live in Thailand. Second part goes through topics like documenting, communication and management. You will get practical examples and templates to use directly in your project. Third part is about different project phases: what to do and what to accomplish.  You get more document templates and other material to use and all is explained clearly. Last section will summarize all and get your kick start to begin!

Why you are interested in Thailand and how you can success our career in Thailand? This course shares my first hand experience, common failures and ways to success. You will especially learn about Thai people, how their history and way of living affects also in projects and working. You can access all this material and start even without prior project experience in new position.

This course is structure in easy way. You get to know about Thailand, get useful tips and tricks for different phases and learn about project principles. If you have some experience in project management, I will share you also new things: how to manage efficiently, how to improve your planning and execution. All in one course.

Enroll today and start learning immediately!

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