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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics

VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics
About VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics Course

If you have always wanted to jump on the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon but have no idea how to - you have just found your solution right here. This theory course will help you get a good grasp of how VR ties into the visual effects (VFX) industry - keeping you updated on the terms, trends and uses of VR in the Hollywood film industry.

Expand your VFX Knowledge to Include the Booming VR Industry.

Understand every aspect of how VR and VFX work together and what this means for the future of the film, VFX and technology industries.

Why This Course?
Taught by a real professional in the visual effects and film industry who worked on actual Hollywood blockbusters as well as startups in VR and Silicon Valley
Covers terms and vocabulary used by visual effects industry veterans as well as applicable tools and types of projects
In-depth exploration into different real-life examples of VR and VFX collaborations
Networking and open collaboration opportunities with instructor and students
Get Ahead and Stay Ahead by Speaking the Language of VR with the VFX Crowd.

You will Learn How:

  • To use and understand VR terms and vocabulary specific to the VFX industry
  • To compare between different software, hardware and tools for VR and VFX
  • To differentiate what makes a successful VR and VFX collaboration as well as the type of projects available in the industry
  • The best part of it all - this course is utterly and ridiculously FREE.


  • VFX
  • Virtual Reality


  • Know the different types of software used in the industry for different types of VR
  • Understand the current VR terms and vocabulary used in the visual effects industry
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