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Monday, December 2, 2019

PHP Punch in the Face

PHP Punch in the Face

About PHP Punch in the Face Course

A majority of websites today are built on PHP, which provides more power into the hands of the developers to manipulate code and create complex and dynamic websites using simple and fewer lines of code. This has propelled PHP as one of the must learn languages today.

In addition to popularity and ease of use, PHP comes with numerous other benefits that makes this the IT language such as simplifies server side setup and deployment, excellent community, object oriented functions, efficiency, scalability, free, major support, and so much more.

With no limitations to what you can design with PHP, the possibilities are endless. Master PHP from scratch with our course!

This tutorial has been designed as a step by step breakdown of PHP to help you learn PHP and get you started building applications using this amazing language. This online PHP course will walk you through the language basics, installation of the server on your PC, basic PHP syntax, functions, MySQL commands, and so much more!

That’s not all! You will also learn hands-on experience with PHP by actually building a complete application from the ground up – Database Driven Project.

Gear up for learning one of the most important and popular sever-side scripting language that will definitely change your life. This PHP beginner’s course is the best place for your to get started mastering this amazing language.

Enroll now and see how PHP can rock your world!


  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • PHP Syntax
  • Class Creation
  • Building a PHP Application
  • PHP Functions


  • PHP Installed on Hard DriveSome HTML

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